Sunday, February 21, 2010

How and where do I sell my gold jewelry - Gold scrap

In recent years, we saw a meteoric rise in gold prices and an increase in the number of people looking to take advantage of this meeting to their old jewelry. During the day seems packed hour TV infomercials that encourages us our rings and necklaces or received an invitation from friends to come to your party in gold jewelry is important to the scene and offered a seat price. But the parties or by e-cash for gold companies is the best and only true way you can sell your jewelry. This article aims to outline some options you have in selling jewelry and information you need.

Whichever way you decide to sell your gold jewelry is important to know what the value of their gold. The first thing you see will probably find that when you originally bought a gold ring or necklace that is a big mark up. For example, a ring that cost over $ 1,000 retail you can usually only have about $ 100 gold in it. If you send your gold in a gold box for the company or sell gold at a party, buyer are only interested in the gold content of jewelry and do not turn around and sell it as a ring or necklace . Gold is so defined as waste gold.Typically operator will have a much greater part of scrap gold and send it along to a gold refinery outside, where it merges back to pure gold - so you really need first to establish what is the amount of gold in their articles. If you know the value of karat gold jewelry and weight, and then you can easily check the current value by going to sites like my signature easily calculate the value of scrap

When you know the amount of scrap gold for their articles will be easier for you to get the best price for gold. It is highly unlikely that e-cash companies company gold or gold is going to give the best deal for the scrap gold. I mentioned that they will ship off the t gold from scrap refinery sa melt of pure gold. Refinery is a reduction of 5-10% for their efforts and then, the company needs to cover their heads and left more than one benefit for much less you pay for your gold jewelry . Fortunately, these are not your only option.

The best option is to try to sell second-hand jewelry rather than as scrap gold. eBay is a great place for the sale and can be fun! Taking the time to open an account and get a picture of his gold ring can mean the difference between you getting $ 80 as scrap gold or receive $ 300 a sale as second hand.

If you have any luck selling second hand jewelry not worry - there are many ways for you to sell yourself as scrap gold - remember all those seeking to sell their gold jewelry that many people to invest less in gold and purchase of scrap gold can be an attractive way for them to do so.

- EBay again is a great way to do it - just announced a scrap and know the amount of carat weight. You will more than likely going to get gold for cash value or better for it.
- We may also disclose to craigslist - many buyers of scrap gold particular, often run by craigslist for good deals. Because you do not have to pay all costs that can provide 95% of the value of cash and still much better than the other route.
- Your local coin dealer or second hand jewelry, but probably you. Yes, they also sent to the refinery, but in a better position to provide a better price as their overheads are lower (probably will not have to pay a B movie star or soap actors who appear in a commercial!)

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