Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is the role of the Federal Reserve International Fund money?

If you ask the average man in the street the question ... "What is the International Money Fund," can reach a wide range of answers. Some may even think is a kind of charity that helps people in need around the world during poverty. While others may reply that it is the universal body to control the distribution of money worldwide basis. The International Fund money has nothing to charity, actually be the farthest thing from a charity. It is an institution exclusively for-profit organization has its hand in many countries around the world.

Governments throughout the world to print only about one percent of his money, so there should be a place where they can go to borrow more to run their countries. Space and is called the International Money Fund. This is the place to go to countries that want to borrow without backing it up with their property or reserves. The average person can also see the International before the name and assume it is just that, an international body. While members understood worldwide, it is mainly taught and controlled U. S. Federal Reserve. And because of that fact, any decision to do the spoon to eventually have a drop affect the remaining money of the future world.

The International Fund money is in the business of lending money to the government, as many of the governments of countries as possible. Because BAC is in business to make as much money as possible, and they constitute the core consists not only of the spoon, but also the International Fund money loans money to the government is such a strong plan of any other. Each government has a choice either Australia or the U.S., you can print your own money and back every unit of money in its reserves, and therefore no debt, or can borrow against their assets and reserves leading to the decline of his money in the world.

If the government want or need to borrow, the IMF is only to please them. This is one of the most secure loans because it can always supported or guaranteed by the fact that each country sets its own taxes from its citizens, and what the country needs to make payment of IMF debt can only increase taxes, which occurs in almost all nations of the world. The other way is almost guaranteed loans is the fact that every country has some kind of sources, whether natural or not. The IMF can always take control of interest in resources, so long as they consume the country. So once the nation selling its resources to foreign ownership, the only other option is to raise your taxes on citizens.